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Cost versus customization

Many startup businesses and organizations operate on a limited budget. So we are often asked about inexpensive or free web site options. Although we always like when clients choose Versa Studio to build their web site, this isn't feasible for some. When clients consider inexpensive and free options, the main considerations are:

  • How easy is it to use?
  • What features does it have, and how much can I customize it?
  • What does it cost?

The graph below shows just a few of the many solutions clients may use to build their site. Besides Wordpress, Virb, and Squarespace, there are dozens of other "turnkey" hosted web site solutions. While somewhat flexible, they tend to rely on pre-made web templates, which constrain page design and layout to some degree, and don't facilitate extension of a strong brand.

They tyically provide features (blogging, audio, video, etc.) through widgets or modules that can be placed in certain areas with the page. Because no solution can anticipate every possible client need, these solutions can frustrate because of their limitations.  When clients hit their limit with these solutions they will often turn to us to create a custom solution.

The question may arise: "Why are you listing your competition?"  Answer: These solutions are not really our competition.  If a client has a budget of $250, we won't be able to build them a custom solution. In this case, the best service we can provide is a recommendation to use a solution like Virb.

Cost versus customization

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