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ExpressionEngine CMS Integration for Designers and Agencies

ExpressionEngine CMS, Web development

While we handle our own start-to-finish projects, we also work cooperatively with designers and agencies to realize their vision for a web site. We work almost exclusively with ExpressionEngine, a flexible, open-architecture CMS which can accomodate almost any design. Working from your source documents and guidlines, we create HTML5, CSS, and Javascript and integrate this code with ExpressionEngine to create a site that looks and functions just as you envision.

Additionally, we customize ExpressionEngine for features and easy of use with:

  • Rich Text Editor and integration with Typekit, Google Fonts or other type servers
  • Meta tag management
  • Specialized add-ons if required
  • Standardized file paths
  • Customized login screen
  • Streamlined and branded control panel

Our recent partnerships with designers and agencies include Smart Pipe and CENIC. View our portfolio to learn more.


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