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Versa Studio Blog: Planning

Methods and Mindsets for Successful Web Design Projects

Versa Studio owner joins Prescott Perez-Fox for a wide-ranging conversation on CMS, project management and planning, the challenges of branding, and good work habits.

Podcast featured on The Businessology Show

Learn about the value of needs assessment, planning and good content for your website in this wide-ranging podcast interview.

The art and craft of logo design

A professionally designed logo is a key element to a proper brand. The best logos are evocative, memorable, and positively identified with the company they represent.

If carpenters were hired like programmers

This amusing exchange shows the frustration felt by web professionals when clients ask all the wrong questions.

5 things clients don’t want to hear when building their website

Misunderstanding the scope of a project—just what is involved—clients may balk when they hear the straight story.