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Versa Studio Blog: Web design

Methods and Mindsets for Successful Web Design Projects

Versa Studio owner joins Prescott Perez-Fox for a wide-ranging conversation on CMS, project management and planning, the challenges of branding, and good work habits.

5 things clients don’t want to hear when building their website

Misunderstanding the scope of a project—just what is involved—clients may balk when they hear the straight story.

Help us prepare the next web site planning guide

The current guide has been downloaded over 12,000 times. Help us plan the next one.

How to lose traffic and alienate customers

The provocative title points to the importance of having a responsive website—if your site is not responsive, you are at best frustrating your customers, and at worst losing sales.

5 reasons why RFPs are a bad idea

As much as we'd like to work for you, we generally won't respond to RFPs (Request for Proposal).

When web sites fail: Don’t throw good money after bad

For sites gone sour, sometimes the most painful solution—starting over—is the best.

I want a quote. What do I need?

One of the first questions from our clients is "What will this cost?". What is needed to write a proper quote?

Cost versus customization

Generally speaking, the cost of a web site is proportional to the amount of customization. In other words, more customization = higher cost.

Website planning: get it right the first time!

When building a website, planning is often an afterthought. Here's a better approach.

Who’s maintaining your web site?

Once a web site is built, maintenance is important to keeping it relevant to your customers.