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Portfolio: Cooperative Network

Cooperative Network

We'll just say it: Cooperative Network (CN) is one of our favorite clients. Can you imagine why?

  • They had an unlimited budget
  • They sent us gourmet desserts every time we fixed a bug
  • They made HTML-themed pillows for our entire team as thank you gifts

None of the above. Because they are organized and prepared. Their communications director did the hard (and important) work of talking to staff, analyzing the website's audience, and envisioned a site structure that aligns with CN's business goals. When she approached Versa, she was 3/4 of the way to an effective website.

Versa then made some small brand refinements, and mapped out the site's content, structure, and function over two strategy sessions. The end result is a modern, uncluttered site that communicates clearly to CN's audience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Craft CMS
  • Responsive
  • Web Design

After many years with an outdated website that wasn't serving its audience, Cooperative Network chose Versa Studio to lead a complete site overhaul. Versa's strong project management skills and plain English framing of site options helped us craft effective ways to connect with our members. Their work modernized the face of our organization, bringing great creativity and value to our 400 member co-ops.

- Tom Liebe, President and CEO, Cooperative Network

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